Şablon:Çift resim

[[Image:{{{2}}}|{{{3}}}px|]] [[Image:{{{4}}}|{{{5}}}px|]]

{{double image|left/right/center|Image 1|Size 1|Image 2|Size 2|Left caption|[Right caption]}}

The double image boxDüzenle

This template creates a box with two images side by side. It needs parameters like this:

{{double image|left/right/center|Left image|Left image size|Right image|Right image size|Left caption|[Right caption]}}

See also Şablon:Çift resim istifi for stacking two images vertically.


Şablon:Double image To the right, with one single caption:

{{double image|right|Yellow card.svg|60|Red card.svg|60|Players are cautioned...}}

Şablon:Double image To the left. With two captions, one beneath each image:

{{double image|left|Yellow card.svg|60|Red card.svg|60|Yellow|Red}}